the sweetest day of our lives.

an alarm was not needed on friday. the both of us were like children on christmas morning. we woke up with the most excited feeling rushing through our bodies. as we quickly packed the car we were listening to mumford&sons and being goofy. finally the car was packed we were ready to go.

i sang too much-- way tooooo much.

we stopped in los banos for coffee. 

i sang a little more. took a selfie. turned left. turned right. 

and then we were there.

we pulled into our air b & b in pebble beach. it was even better than we imagined. after we unpacked and settled in it was time to head to lunch.

our favorite spot in town is carmel belle. the cutest farm to table spot ever!! sitting next to a warm fire. enjoying two delicious beers. two avocado toasts. and a goat cheese and stone fruit salad. our tummies were very happy.  the sweetest conversation was had about all the preparation and time that has gone into our wedding.

we then decided it would be a good idea to head over to the cheese shop and wine taste. 

our second favorite spot in carmel is the cheese shop. must i say more. cheese shop. here they pair wine and cheese for you to taste and enjoy. we listened to the shop owner educate us on all six wines we were tasting. he took us on a journey all the way from paso to spain and then back to napa. 

i love wine tasting with nick. wine is something has has really grown with our relationship. we enjoy wine more than most people our age. we have found enjoyment in not only drinking it but the atmosphere it gives. the smelling. tasting. and enjoying of the wine is a process and one that we have learned to love. 

of course after a great hour of wine and cheese- nicks favorite shop was our next stop. the cigar shop. 

we stopped to pick out a cigar and started an afternoon stroll. i look at nick and am constantly amazed at how much he has grown into his own. the was he tastes wine. finds a cigar. looks at me. he is the sweetest and most passionate person i have ever met. from him i have learned to be goofy. to be comfortable with who you are. and to never let anyone else get in the way of what you want. 

the afternoon went on to be a fun one. we wine tasted more with my sweet aunt and uncle who came into town for the wedding. we reminisced with them. a lot. mostly about me and how I've grown. we really enjoyed their company and sweet conversation. 

it was then time to get ready for dinner. i found the cutest brewery in monterey. alvarado street brewery. it was great. this is where the whole family gathered together for the first time. we tried delicious local beers and ate some yummy food. nick and i both felt so full with all our love ones and friends around.

the night then continued on to barmel. the girls and nick and i wanted to enjoy a couple more drinks. so we found a local dive bar in carmel. it was adorable. live music. dancing. great hosts. a man walked around with a Spanish Porrón full of white wine- a wine decanter with a long thin spout. he walked around offering to poor the wine in your mouth... of course i had to try!

it was the sweetest pre wedding night we could have possibly had. as we got back to the house the rest of our friends had arrived. the girls and i all snuggled in a room laughing and sharing stories about nick and i. it was 1am. time for bed and a big day ahead. everyone said their goodnights.

three kisses were given. we said i love you. snuggled up close and fell asleep. 



of course i woke up at 6am! it was finally here OUR WEDDING DAY. i rolled over woke nick up and we got dressed and went out to scout our spot. 

we chose our spot the day of the wedding. it was our decision and something we thought was simply perfect for us. we drove five minuets down to 17- mile drive and there it was. the perfect beach for us to exchange our vows. we had walked this beach many many times but- this time was different. i was so full of emotion. the excitement i had been dreaming of was finally here. 

we walked around. giggled. hugged. kissed. agreed this was our spot. the most perfect spot in the world for us. a spot we have already shared so many memories at. a spot we can bring our children to and have picnics at. a spot that will forever be in our lives. 

my heart was so full. 

the plan next was to meet at carmel roasting company at 9:30. i really wanted to walk the beach with our friends and enjoy the morning together. the walk on the beach was the sweetest. we took pictures. had the best talks with our loved ones. we enjoyed the morning together as a big group. 

the boys and girls then split.

us girls headed off to lush to get masks to give us all a pre wedding glow. then we went back to carmel belle for lunch. i had a yummy green juice it was the perfect lunch. we then headed to whole foods to pick out the flowers that would soon make a beautiful bouquet.  its was now 2pm and time to take showers and get ready for the ceremony. we popped champaign. munched on chips and salami. and wrapped up in our robes. i felt so pampered as the girls worked on my hair and makeup. 


of course it was 4:20 and the boys were still not home...


the boys went to Monterey to enjoy another local brewery and play mini golf. the loser of mini golf then bought dip and dots for everyone. such kids at heart! they had a fun and memorable afternoon together.  these three boys put the biggest smile on my face. they have grown up together since elementary school and have such a close bond. 


at 5pm everyone met at the house. all 19 friends and family and our lovely photographer alex smith.

pops and diego stayed at the house with me until we got the call that everyone was at the beach. we then hopped in the jeep and set off to go get married.

diego with rings in hand. pops with my dress and diego in hand. and me trying not to fall on the rocks we stumbled down the beach. 

my heart was full. the beautiful unplanned ceremony was about to happen. as i looked down at all my loved ones i felt the most love i have ever felt. i was about to marry the man of my dreams. the man who makes me giddy. i walked down. everyone was watching. everyone gathered around as nick and i stood next to each other. 

my sweet uncle terry then began. he spoke the sweetest words. ones that will stay with me forever. 

then it was nicks turn. 



his vows read: 


i can't believe the day is actually here. i still remember the first time we met. it was at a fresno state football game, a game you had thought about not going to because you were sick. I'm truly lucky for your poor decision to go out in the cold while being sick because if you were like every other normal human being you would have stayed home and we might have not ever met. thats one of the reasons i love you so much, you aren't like anybody else. you're kind and loving; passionate and inspiring; and your smart and hardworking. emma doos, i vow to love you, to encourage you, to trust you and to respect you. i promise to create a loving environment for you and our future children; one filled with compassion, laughter, patience and lots of love. i vow to grow with you each and every day - no matter what obstacles are in our way. its those very obstacles that help us become a better and stronger team. a team that i promise to never give up on, a team that i promise to strive to make better each and every day. today i close you to be my wife, forever and always.


my vows read:

hey sweet guy- today i give you my heart. every single day with you has been my favorite day. you have taught me to have patience. to stick up for myself when times are rough. and that its okay to be wrong. when we first started to date you told me that we are a team and that we will always work together- we are the best team.

I vow to love all of you - always. to bring out the best of you. and to always be your best friend. I will forever love our spontaneous date nights out and our quiet nights in cuddledn the couch with pizza and beer.

I promise to love you not only for the man you are today but for the man you will grow to be. to support your dreams both big & small. and to hold your hand through everything this sweet life puts us through.

I vow to be the best wife to you and mommy to our children. to create simply the sweetest moments together as a family. to wake you up on Saturdays with a cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast. and to always say goodnight with three kisses. 

may we never forget that we are just two kids playing house and laughing is always the best option.

I will always love you more. I promise that on the cloudy days- I will bring sunshine into our life. home will always be wherever I am with you. 


it was the sweetest ceremony we could have asked for. it followed with dinner at Il Fornaio in the heart of Carmel. the night was beautiful. filled with wonderful speeches and memorable conversation. 


cheers to the sweetest day of our lives.