it feels like home to me.

the biggest anticipation. and always the best results.

the feeling i get when i travel to the netherlands is the best feeling to me.

it feels like home.

it feels like i am where i belong. this isn't a new feeling this is something that always comes every time i am here.  i was born in the netherlands and when my sweet mother brought me to california she never stopped raising me like the dutch would. i am dutch from my fingers to my toes. there is no place i love more in the entire world. this is my first time ever coming here with a man, my husband- something i have so often dreamed of. a place to share with someone i love. the traveling was already such an adventure. long story short we RAN to make our flight. 

yesterday we arrived in rotterdam, netherlands and this time it was much different. my opa was not standing at the gate as we walked out. and this was the hardest thing ever for me to swallow. this was the first time ever being here without my opa. my aunt and uncle picked us up from the gate and brought us home to my oma.

my entire life my oma and opa have lived on the straatweg in rotterdam and this home ties together all of my fondest memories. it is by far my favorite place in the world. my favorite place to sit at the fire, my favorite place to cook a warm meal, toast my glass and sit and have a gezellig time. 

december 18, 2016

when we arrived we had a pie with some tea. followed with warm carrot soup and a delicious bread. it was the warmest my heart has felt in a long time. we shared our travel story with the family and enjoyed a quiet afternoon in the city. i showed nick the city... okay not the whole city- just the part where my oma lives. we went and had a coffee at a local coffee shop and then we went to the local albert heijn.. bought food for dinner.. and then cooked! it was a quiet night filled with good conversation and the sweetest of memories. 

december 19, 2016

we did it!!!  we someway- somehow- slept the entire night and stayed up the entire day! as we woke at 8:30 we made our way down stairs (2 flights) to the dining room, in holland we sit down for a formal meal- every meal. nick enjoyed his first dutch breakfast as we drank endless cups of coffee and tea.

we then got ready to go to my tante Co's flat. on the way we stopped for fresh flowers- her favorite! when hugs were squeezed and kisses were sealed- we enjoyed a kroket sandwich and chatted about our trip. following this we went to a new building - the markthal rotterdam- where we enjoyed a good walk, the new architecture and a fresh stoopwafel! after that we visited a local children's shop- de kleine kapitein- where i daydreamed about kids toys and bought the kids i nanny for a postcard. we then visited a place that holds so many memories for me- hotel new york- we had a beer and some bitterballen! SO LEKKER (good)!! following our delicious afternoon treat we went home and my cousin was there to have dinner with us! we walked to albert heijn, got stuff to make dinner and i cooked us a delicious dinner. the conversation was perfect- my heart so happy. it was such a nice day. one for the books. one i never want to forget. i miss my opa so much but think of him often. can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us.