44 days.

a post to try and relieve some... i dont know... stress!

when the days feel tedious, your home is anything but clean, the laundry is piled pretty darn high, and at night you dream about cozy days cuddled on the couch with coffee & nothing to do...

thats me right now. im pooped you guys. 

i feel over worked and exhausted.

finishing up my last semester of college is becoming a drag. but- with two weeks of instruction left I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. i feel as if i have left all my beliefs of the slow life behind. i am a VERY easy going go with the flow kinda chick but lately i feel like a crazy person. between school, work, nannying and photography (which i guess are both also work) i am clocking about 65-70 hours a week. yes. 65-70. its insane. i don't remember the last time i woke up with nothing to do or hours to just relax with the husband.

with 44 days until the new year- i am setting some boundaries & goals for myself.

- i must work less. for the well being of not only myself but for my husband and our relationship.

-i must must must have one day a week off to be at home, listen to good tunes, and clean our house. 

- find more uninterrupted time to stretch.

-i am curious? what do you guys think about disconnecting? yes, i am asking you. what do you think about turning your phone off. putting it away when you are home? i realize this is going to be an extremely hard task for me and that my husband will probably laugh at the idea. BUT i am going to try. i think it will help if i set a time. maybe between the hours of 4pm-8am i am disconnected? and maybe even one weekend day completely. i don't believe that this will be easy for me at all. BUT i do think that in the long run i will be so happy that I don't have to be "on" all the time. i have been looking into the Echo Dot- amazons mini smart system. this would connect to my BOSE speaker system and i wouldn't have to look at my phone to turn on good music, set a timer, look up a recipe etc. OKAY i realize this is quickly turning into me sharing my sickening obsession with my phone but i think I'm not the only one. 

- i want to find more time to cook. cooking is something that i LOVE. and i want to find more time to make delicious dinners for my hubby and i. 

- i hope to find more time to go out into nature. i love being outside with my dude. some of my favorite times with him are when we are just outside walking. 

you guys as i grow older i am really realizing that this is it. this is life. we must live for today & not rely on the future. yes as nick and i get older things will change a bit but today is the day. i look forward to January when i will be done with school. i will fill my days with cooking, putting smiles on faces of children with special needs, photography and time with my husband. oh i can't wait. i will be so much less busy with school off my plate and i feel i can actually fully dive into this thing we call life. 

i have a very minimalistic simple approach to my life. i want to wake up in my dudes arms. go make coffee. enjoy my morning with my hubby and hopefully soon child. take beautiful photos. make people smile. cook a good dinner. have good conversation and go to bed. i don't have huge aspirations. i don't hope for more. i am so happy in my days and my life and i only hope to slow down and enjoy them to the fullest. 

slow down and enjoy today. set achievable goals and work hard to get there. 8 months ago i owned a crappy DSLR camera and i was taking photos for fun. today i have a nice nikon, own a profitable business and have met so many wonderful people along the way. i have worked so hard to get here and i hope to water my business daily and watch it grow. 

a little food for thought-  stop and slow down. today is the day. own it.