stay inspired.

as i sit next to the fire - socks and sweaters layered thick - i crave a little inspiration for the new year ahead. 

nick and i have been in Europe for 15 days. and for the first time in our relationship, we have had the opportunity to spend a lot of uninterrupted time together. it has been refreshing to say the least. the last four years of our relationship have been busy - with what seems like endless tax seasons &  me being in school during the day and at night, starting my own business and juggling three jobs. 

nick and i are in such a fun season of life. one that is so comforting and sweet. every ounce of awkwardness from a new relationship has flown out the window and we have found such beauty in each others daily habits. we have learned over the last four years how to live together. not just to live together, but how to really- effortlessly- live together. we have created the best routines and traditions together. he is my safe place, my home, my everything. 

this year brings many new things to our routine. i have now finished school and will be focusing my energy toward my business. i will have much more free time to cook, clean & maintain our home. i want to start a blog- one that is all about living simply. i will finally have time. 

-this year we hope to buy a house. a place to make our own. a place to create memories and traditions. a place to bring a baby home to. 

-this year i hope to expand my business. to create beautiful timeless memories for my clients. to meet new and inspiring people. to learn and to never stop exploring new things. 

-this year i hope to create a lifestyle - one that you create when you are done with school. one that has routine & order but is open to lazy sundays with endless coffee and meal planning in my pjs. 

- this year we hope to welcome a babe to our little family. a little boy or girl that has nick's heart and my eyes. a little one to inspire us, make us smile, and one to make memories with. 

i hope for each of you that you will find something this year to keep you inspired. remember to live for each day and to do what you really what to be doing instead of what your "supposed" to be doing