falling into fall

october is here. school has begun and we have fallen back into a routine. the days are slowly becoming more organized and calm. the house is slowly filling up with new wedding gifts. these new things are so special to the both of us. as they are used in our daily lives we will get to reminisce about who got them for us and this special time in our life. something about saying goodbye to summer and falling into fall makes me feel at peace. I am ready to celebrate our first thanksgiving and christmas as a family, to wear big chunky sweaters and cuddle for hours. fall i am ready for you.

what do you do to make your routine of life calm and effective? I am going to share our tips with you for making the days flow. we have found that keeping on a routine allows us to enjoy our life to the fullest. 


weekdays go pretty quickly in our home. I wake up around 5:30-6:30 depending on the day. I make coffee within a couple minutes of waking. I use two methods a chemex poor over and a bialetti- I LOVE them both so much. nick stays warm in bed until about 7. we enjoy the news together for about 15-20 minutes and then our busy days start. nick and I both work full time and I also go to school and have a photography business. I pack lunches for the both of us the night before. they typically consist of left overs or meat with fruit, veggies and nuts. we keep lunches simple and clean that way if we do want have a beer or some yummy pasta we don't feel so bad. i cook every night. I love to cook and find importance in the time spent together in the kitchen and around the dinner table. 

we each find time during the week to do things that we enjoy, our "me" time. monday nights nick fills his time with a weekly poker club at a local cigar shop. he also spends hours and hours in our garage woodworking. I love his passion. I find myself happiest sweating at the gym, blogging or editing photos. we both find so much importance in a hobby - something other than work and life to get your mind working. 


saturdays are almost always spent together. saturdays are typically for projects, cleaning the house and dates. i LOVE spontaneous afternoon dates at a bar enjoying a nice cold beer and great conversation with my sweet husband. saturdays give us time together that we miss during the week. now that the weather is getting better I look forward to morning bike rides and walks in the park. 


sunday is almost always my favorite day of the week. the house is clean. we spend slow mornings together cuddled on the couch with hot coffee. we prepare for the week ahead. i sit-down and meal plan for the next week. we go grocery shopping, filling our fridge with delicious foods waiting to be cooked. lately my sunday afternoons have been filled with fall family photo shoots. oh how I love my job- I love capturing the raw&organic moments that a family creates. It is my time to become inspired. to watch how others live, interact, love. I love these sessions - they are so intimate and mean the world to me. 

I belive finding a routine will bring peace into your life. creating rituals and getting on a rhythm with your loved ones. lately I have been working hard to create a more organized living space. I am a minimalist but we all have our "catch all" drawers. ours are becoming less messy and more organized. my next post will be on organizing your home and living space. 

start today. create a routine. become more organized. it will help you live more simply and create less stress. remember that it is okay to cut some things out of your life. never become too busy to have you time. simplify the days because after - how we spend our days is , of course, how we spend our lives.