choosing happiness

nick and i are getting married in sixty four days- i can't believe it. i am so excited to be his wife and to see what this life has in store for us. i live these days for what they are and make sure to enjoy the moments big and small. currently i nanny for a family that i have been with for five years. i feel very lucky to have them in my life. they have taught nick and i so much about ourselves. they have also taught us about how we will want to parent when the time comes. i am also pursuing a career in photography. i love photography so much- it allows me to capture the moments that people never want to forget. 

nick and i have been talking a lot lately about our life and all the dreams that we have for it. we both hope to have a family, maybe 2 or 3 children. we want them to be brought up in an environment that is enriching, allowing them to learn and to have a wonderful imagination . an environment that is free of harsh chemicals and toxins. we want them to learn to cook and build things for our home. to learn to be active members of our society and help with local organizations. we want to give our children what so many children miss. a life that is slowed down and full. we want to give them our time and patience. we want long conversations at the dinner table and giggles on sunday mornings as we all pile into bed and cuddle. we want our children to have the opportunity to be who ever they want to be. this is why we have decided that i am going to be a stay at home mom. i am going to continue to work hard on my photography business and that will be my only job. there will be no 8-5 job for me. our children will be raised at home and taught by nick and i. i am so excited and my heart is so full. 

i feel lucky. we live a simple life but one that is so incredibly full. i feel fulfilled everyday in my relationship with my fiancé, in myself, in our health and with our home. we have created a life together that is so peaceful. nick has taken the stress i used to carry and has taught me to relax and trust that everything will always work out. i am so thankful to have found a man that puts me first. who picks me up when i fall. and who is always there to be my best friend.