living for today

sometimes we move at such a quick pace- the days turn into weeks- quickly you blink and the season is over. take time for your self to slow down and enjoy the moments. as i grow older i am finding myself more and more everyday. i am realizing that there is no right or wrong way to live your life. as long as you are happy- all will be okay. 

times have changed. i no longer want a job where i earn a pay check and use it to pay my bills. i want a job that makes me smile and and feeds my soul. i want to work for myself, capturing photos of beautiful things and people. and enjoy the simplicity of the days. i want to become connected. really connected. with our local businesses. i want to plant roots with my sweet(soon to be)husband. make a family and enjoy those moments together. i want to have taco tuesdays. movie nights. make homemade bread. and banana pancakes on sundays. this is the life i am choosing for myself and my family. a simple one. big expensive things may never be in the picture for us but that is just fine with me. if we wake up in bed, snuggle and drink coffee. go for walks. and make delicious meals together sitting around the table having the sweetest of conversation. that will be just fine with me.  

i challenge you to find yourself and to live for today. do what you really want to be doing instead of what you think you should be doing. stop worrying. stop planning. things will always work out in the end- and if they don't- its not the end. 

in less than three months i get to marry the man of my dreams. i am so lucky. he is my best friend. we support each other in the best way. he knows me and i know him. i can't wait to start a family with this man. who knows how many little people we will get to share our days with 2.3.4.. we shall see but i hope they have his eyes and heart. i can't wait for this next part of my life. i can't wait to be a mama and a wife.