one for the books.

aka. day 5.

day four was a day full of jet lag. a day in the fog. we drank a bit. laughed a lot. tosses and turned through the night and then it was...


today was the best day. one to remember for sure! 

today we went to tilberg, netherlands. we visited our sweetest friends evy, frans & sofike. the day started off like any other. coffee. breakfast. coffee. more coffee and then off on our way to tilberg. 

when we arrived at tilberg we were greeted by the sweetest of guests. they had prepared a very nice dutch lunch for us and we enjoyed an hour around the table. reminiscing. they gave nick and i both a wedding gift. i a long silver chain necklace & nick a nice new leather wallet. both things that we love so much. after our gezellig lunch we went to sofike's store. she owns a store in the heart of tilberg where they sell - a little bit of everything-  its called KADE LIVING. here nick and i bought a couple gift and a nice new apron and bottle opener. after this we went to frans' work and saw what he is working on, he is an architect. then we went and say evy's home- she lives in student living in the city! something about seeing the real thing vs. FaceTime makes it so much better. 

after our afternoon of seeing the town we sat down at la trappe tilberg for our first beer. this place was so interesting it was an old church that was made into a big beer tasting hangout. first we had a beer with a shot of grenadine- it was delicious but a bit sweet for my liking. we enjoyed a cheese plate met bitterballen. following our borreltje we went to Villa Pastorie for dinner- enjoyed good wine, delicious food and a nice dessert. nick had rabbit and i fish. it was so nice to be around the table with such sweet friends and good conversation. 

i am so thankful for all the relationships that have maintained over the years. as we drove out a tear ran down my cheek. to live here, to enjoy these gezellig places and people is something that is so important to me. i am so grateful to share this big part of my life with my sweet husband and to teach him the most important things in life.

until tomorrow.